Oprisor Smerenie Case 6 x 750ml

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Oprisor Smerenie is a tribute to the faith present in all corners of Oltenia. Where centuries-old values, traditions and places of worship can be found.

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Oprisor Smerenie Case 6 x 750ml

A tribute to the faith present in all corners of Oltenia. Where centuries-old values, traditions and places of worship can be found. Through the experience of oenologist Liviu Grigorică. Completed by the work and dedication of his colleague Veronica Gheorghi, which dealt with the purity of the varieties.

Complex wine with the potential for aging in the bottle.

Color: Intense red, almost opaque.

Bouquet: Scent of red fruits, where overripe cherries are noticeable, simply balanced by a note of green vegetables .

Taste: The notes of red fruit bring the wine finely on the papillae. Dense tannins and more complex by the notes of oak. Post long taste, creamy like a hot and slightly spicy chocolate.

Culinary combinations: A wine for moments of peace and reflection or a quiet dinner with red meat dishes.

Serving temperature: 16 – 18 ° C.

Oprisor Wines – Complete Collection

In a way, everything Oltenia possesses is related to faith, to Orthodoxy, to divinity. For centuries on end, churches and monasteries occupied community’s highest (geographical) point in order to emphasize concretely the place spiritual practices have always occupied. Hadn’t the Oltenians kept burning the flame of faith, they couldn’t have stood the adverse times. In our days, their garments and crossroad crucifixes do convey an atmosphere of piety, yet it’s not that of the vanquished, but of the man whose soul and future have been committed to God. In most Oltenia, the smell of oil burnt in votive holders, of incense and of old church walls is still floating.

Smerenie is the first wine in Romania able to “roam” a reverse way: from the name-and-idea to the liquor enclosed into the bottle. The intention was to pay a tribute to the immortal soul and resolute faith, to the nun praying in her cell for each of the men she has ever seen or heard of. Liviu Grigorică’s alchemy and the purity of Veronica Gheorghiu’s varieties were highly exploited in view to get a wine able to “enclose” this atmosphere. Monk’s worn-out coarse habits are to be encountered in the silky and fairly astringent tannins. Cell’s nice and cool “mood” can be discovered in the almost imperceptible peppermint and eucalyptus flavors. The daily life may be found in the perfume emanated by quinces left on the window sill and by overripe cherries. The true faith is revealed in wine’s great capacity of maturation.


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